March 25th, 2014
So the movie business’s worst nightmare just happened. A site that will be all but impossible to take down has launched that allows you to watch everything, now, for free. Movies in the theatres, movies on home video, movies you can’t find anywhere else.There was a hole and somebody filled it. Film people were so busy protecting theatre owners and cable channels and everybody else who paid for their product, the same way record labels protected brick and mortar retailers, that they forgot about the customers, who want a simple interface and access. We all live in an on demand world, except in the movie business.
March 25th, 2014
At all Florida lethal injections, a man in a purple moon suit leans over the dying inmate to listen for a heartbeat and feel for a pulse. After a few seconds, he nods, and the witnesses are informed that the death sentence has been duly carried out. The man is a doctor, and the gear shields his identity — not just from the prisoner’s family and friends, but from the American Medical Association, whose code of ethics bars members from participating in executions.
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